Edward Ocegueda

Enterprise Support Operations Program Manager | Project Management Group
Edward has over 15 years of experience working in a hospital setting. During that time, he has taken on many roles helping manage ancillary teams with direct patient contact. Focusing his attention on budget development, staff training/development, and patient experience. He has helped change the patient experience by connecting with his teams and patients. He has successfully moved the dial positively in HHCAP scores and employee satisfaction.

His education in Human Psychology has helped him connect to many backgrounds to teach and learn from every interaction he has. Edward’s knowledge of hospital cleanliness and environment of care has set him apart among hospital leaders, being recognized for his attention to detail. He works well independently or in a team in a fast-paced environment and has been recognized for being an excellent communicator in all aspects of work and business.

In a team, Edward works well, collaborating with a compassionate heart that is led through integrity and excellence, which has helped him build trust within his teams and business partners. Through open, transparent communication, he has started and completed projects according to work breakdown schedules.
When Edward is not working, he enjoys life by making memories with his family, and exploring nature. He loves surfing and fishing and being outdoors, where he can share life lessons with his children and wife.